Every Beatles Album's Opening Track Ranked From Worst To Best

The Fab Four had some great albums, but which one started with the best song?

The Beatles Get Back

When it comes to albums, it’s hard to argue that any band has more to offer than The Beatles. Even the ones that aren’t amazing have some good stuff on them. As for the rest, they’re amongst some of the greatest musical collections in the history of mankind.

Every great album has to start somewhere, and picking the first track for a record is a vital part of ensuring its success.

A good opener should set the scene for the upcoming run of songs, should get listeners excited for what they’re about to hear, should capture their attention, and should get them invested in the next 40 minutes or so.

Also, it has to be a good song in its own right. That’s kind of important.

The Beatles have got some outstanding openers in their repertoire, but which of them is the very best?

Today, we’re looking at the band’s UK album chronology. We’re only counting studio LPs that were officially released during the Fab Four’s time together, which sadly means that Magical Mystery Tour won’t be appearing on the ranking. Shout out to that title track though, which is a banger.

13. It Won’t Be Long - With The Beatles

As with all Beatles lists, it’s unfortunate, but something has to come last.

For that distinction, we turn to the opening track on the band’s second album, With the Beatles, a record most famous for being the one that came after the first one.

Sorry With the Beatles, but you’re just not very exciting.

It Won’t Be Long was written by John Lennon and was the first song recorded for the album. According to Johnny boy, this was the song that first introduced the middle classes to The Beatles.

That's something!

Lennon also sings on this tale of a man waiting for his beloved to return. It’s got all the trademarks of an early Beatles song; George and Paul providing increasingly ridiculous backing vocals; Ringo keeping a steady beat; some guitar licks that would have made people’s heads explode in 1963.

It Won’t Be Long isn’t bad by any stretch, but there’s not much to differentiate it from anything else on the record. Considering the second song on this album is the almighty All My Loving, you do have to wonder if a swap wouldn’t have been a better idea.

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