Every Blink-182 Album Ranked From Worst To Best

10. The Mark, Tom And Travis Show - 2000


A bonus entry for those of you who enjoy nice round numbers on their lists. Blink's live album from the turn of the millennium is a microcosm of their charisma and chemistry - particularly between Mark Hoppus and Tom Delonge. The way the two play off each other throughout every live show, spinning into completely childish and irrelevant, yet hilarious, tangents between songs makes this a live album that's actually worth listening to.

The songs themselves are played at a slightly higher tempo, with the co-frontmen switching up their intonations on certain lines. Listening to it back after seeing the band in person, The Mark, Tom And Travis Show takes you back to that time in a heartbeat, and not many records can lay that claim.

There are some sketchy moments listening to this album in 2020, not least the closing track: Shut Up And Play A Song, which is just a collection of Tom and Mark's more outrageous moments from their 1999 tour. On the whole, this album is cemented in the collective memory of a generation; it exemplifies the kinda-rebellious teenage mood of the mid-2000s while showing how Tom Delonge had come into his own as a guitarist.

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