Every Bob Dylan Album Ranked Worst To Best

In celebration of his 80th birthday, let's remember the best and worst of Bob Dylan's career..

Bob Dylan - real name Robert Zimmerman - is probably the most influential musician of the last sixty years, a renowned songwriter who started out a prominent folk singer and soon made a name for himself as the voice of a generation, creating numerous anthemic protest songs and effortlessly switching style and tone with every album.

Known for his dense lyrics which cut right down to the issue at hand with remarkable symbolism and striking maturity, Dylan was influenced by the likes of Woody Guthrie and Beat poets such as Allen Ginsburg and Jack Kerouac, making him a prominent figure within 60s and 70s counterculture.

Having recently released his 39th studio album at the age of 79 (and it's really one of his best), Dylan's celebrating his landmark 80th birthday this year, and shows no signs of calling it quits just yet.

With an immeasurably successful career behind him - albeit one with a few notable hiccups - now seems a good time to trawl through his extensive back catalogue and celebrate his work over the years, warts and all. Here are all 39 Bob Dylan albums ranked worst to best...

39. Christmas In The Heart (2009)

As far as Christmas albums go, Bob Dylan's surprising 2009 effort Christmas In The Heart is a welcome one. Covering numerous holiday classics with his own folk-infused spin - including Winter Wonderland and Silver Bells - the album makes for a fun and relaxed addition to the vast Christmas music landscape.

But as far as Bob Dylan albums go, it's easily the songwriter's most jarring and left-field project. Compared to his more accomplished work, the record lacks the originality or the mean emotional punch he usually offers, and though the lead single Must Be Santa is pretty fun, the rest of it pales in comparison to his better work.

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