Every Childish Gambino Single Ranked Worst To Best

From 30 Rock to dirty pop.

RCA Records

Donald Glover (or as I like to call him) the human embodiment of a Swiss army knife, is a prodigiously multi-talented actor, singer, rapper, writer, DJ, comedian, director, producer and let's face it, probably an alien because that is a ridiculous amount of talent to have at one man's disposal. Basically one of the most inspirational people of the generation.

Originally finding his feet with the notoriety of his writing on 30 Rock at the mere age of 23, this bottomless pit of innovations' illustrious time in the spotlight has expedited from one strength to the next, showing no signs of the curtains giving way anytime soon. With an unforeseen foray into the music industry that initiated before reaching fame (or even fortune), his increasingly experimental musical endeavours have ultimately been nothing short of a meteoric revelation.

So, it's with great pleasure that I reveal what we believe to be the best (and worst) of the Wu-tang rap generated name shogun's" cumulatively diverse singles library.


17. Terrified

The third and final single from Gambino’s distinctively vocal driven effort entitled “Awaken, My Love!” isn’t a terrible song by any means, but in comparison to the rest of the album and the entries yet to come, the song feels utterly undeveloped as it fails to reach its potential.

Even though it automatically indoctrinates the listener upon hearing Gambino’s impressively immersive, tantric-like vocals which harmoniously blend in with the rhythm of both the song as well as the dynamicity of the album.

It remains far too ambiguous lyrically, subjugated in modesty. Culminating in an entry that feels like more of an intermittent showcase of Glover’s talents, profusely swapping linearity for rambunctiousness and ultimately sacrificing what could’ve been a remarkably cognitive experience in the process.


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