Every Childish Gambino Single Ranked Worst To Best

16. Sweet Thang (24.19)

Gambino’s metamorphosis into an iconic figure was prevalent due to an array of different factors, one such factor is his notable ability to surprise his established audience by completely switching up his formula with each subsequent release, but the meta-based specifically pinpointed 3.15.20 is a chapter in his career that saw his experimental nature considerably kicked up a notch.

Experimental music doesn't automatically equate to good music though.

The album was written to be an experience, shifting so far away from his now obsolete rap roots in what can only be described as a Kanye West-esque transformation. Walking away from what made him a well-known name in the music industry upon arrival, leaving the zeitgeist and exploring his own personal mindset rather than churning out mainstream music.

This entry of the album is a little shoddy as a standalone song to say the least, but when bundled into the sequential events of the albums overall arching story, the tale is contained as a small portion of a more structurally solidified narrative. Where it tends to shine a little more.

The album only works when played in its entirety, I don't know about you but I don't want to have to listen to the same album repeatedly for over an hour at a time just to feel enticed. A concept album that should've remained its namesake.


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