Every Coldplay Album Ranked Worst To Best

The best and worst from the pop rock masters.


Out of all the rock bands to come out of the woodwork in the 21st century, Coldplay has been one of the most accessible. Their unique brand of alternative rock mixed with pop hooks made them great crossover artists on the pop charts. Their songs were the perfect compositions that could help expose the rock sound to the uninitiated.

Across their career, the band were always finding ways to tamper with their original sound, often incorporating electronic and pop elements into the fray. Lead singer Chris Martin has also found ways to stretch lyrically while staying true to the emotional core of what Coldplay is.

Throughout their tenure, the band has yet to release an album that is a grave misfire or misguided mess. However, there is a definitely series of lowlights and highlights amongst the band's discography. Even with the band's subtle lows, exceptional songs can be found on each of these albums. As we take a look back on Coldplay's studio output, you may find some undiscovered gems and fantastic deep cuts that are well worth the musical journey. And away we go...

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