Every Coldplay Album Ranked Worst To Best

8. A Head Full of Dreams

While this stands as Coldplay's worst album technically, by no means should any fan overlook A Head Full of Dreams. Some of Coldplay's most pop-centric singles appear on this album like "Hymn for the Weekend" and "Adventure of a Lifetime," along with deep cuts like "Everglow" and album closer "Up&Up" which reflect the authentic Coldplay magic.

This would go under the category of Coldplay's feel-good record, with tracks that are mostly upbeat and a laid-back vibe. As a followup to their darker turn on Ghost Stories, it's understandable why the band would want to move away from that dour songwriting approach.

However, the album does seem a bit underwhelming as a whole. The initial positive vibes tend to wear out their welcome after repeated listens and the interludes on the record do seem to function as pit stops rather than an actual artistic inclusion. This record may not have as many show-stopping moments as their previous material, but it doesn't really need to either. This is a perfect example of an album you can turn on, turn your brain off, and have a good time. Not the band's most artistic effort, but still good for what it is.

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