Every Iron Maiden Album Opening Song Ranked From Worst To Best

16. The Ides Of March - Killers

Have some sympathy for The Ides of March, because there's nothing actually wrong with it.

The opener to the band's second album, Killers, Ides is neat little instrumental that showcases the classic Maiden twin guitar sound. As this is the first album to feature the six string partnership of Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, that's a very good thing indeed.

Unfortunately, the track is over before it begins, running at just one minute and 48 seconds long. Whilst you can definitely pack a lot into 108 seconds, Maiden neglected to do that on this occasion. Ides could easily have not been on the record and nobody would have noticed.

Considering it's named after such a monumental moment from history, this song is, ironically, thoroughly uneventful.

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