Every Nickelback Album Ranked From Worst To Best

5. The Long Road

As Nickelback moved into the 21st century, they saw a huge change in their sound and overall style. This was mainly down to their maturing musicianship and also thanks to their big money deal with Roadrunner Records. Preceded by 2001’s ‘Silver Side Up’, ‘The Long Road’ had some huge boots to fill when it hit record store shelves in 2003.

Following on from a multi-platinum selling record is almost impossible, unless the follow up is also an international multi-platinum selling record. Despite this demanding expectation, ‘The Long Road’ blew fans away, still holds up today as an almighty commercial success today and remains a good, radio friendly rock record.

Tunes such as ‘Someday’ and ‘Feelin’ Way Too Damn Good’ showed the band’s progression but they hadn’t made the full switch to soft rock just yet. The widespread Nickelback hate that came with their radio fodder soft rock singles wouldn’t fully develop until their next record, ‘All the Right Reasons’.

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