Every Pearl Jam Album Opening Song Ranked From Worst To Best

10. Sometimes - No Code

Sadly not a cover of the synth-tastic Erasure banger, Sometimes is the strangest song to ever open up a Pearl Jam record.

Serving as the first track on the band's fourth album, No Code, the song is a slow, almost creepy number about feeling inconsistent within oneself. Lines about feeling like one of many books on a shelf are croakily sung over a slinky guitar line for two minutes and 43 seconds, before making room for the album's first big song, Hail, Hail.

Whilst Sometimes is certainly unique and should be applauded for being so, it is indicative of a larger issue with the whole No Code project.

Critics at the time wanted to like how varied it was, but struggled to get on board with how inconsistent it felt from song to song. Sometimes does a poor job fitting in with the rest of the album, which is not what you want from the very first track.

Should have just done the Erasure cover.


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