Every Queen Album Closing Song Ranked From Worst To Best

The Show Must Go On... but every album must come to an end.

Freddie Mercury

From their first studio album in 1973 to the tragic death of Freddie Mercury in 1991, Queen's career was varied, controversial, but never boring.

They became legends in their own time, musical monoliths that could bring huge stadiums to the brink of tears and then have them singing their hearts out with glee in the space of a few minutes. Every single member was a master of their craft and everything they touched turned to gold, which is why they remain such a popular outfit to this very day.

Over the course of their extraordinary career, Queen released 15 official studio albums, not including compilations, live albums, or EPs. Those albums all have something about them, but it's the songs that finished them off that this list is concerned with.

For the purpose of this countdown, a "closing song" means one that ends the standard edition of an album, so no bonus tracks here. There is the issue of hidden tracks, but that will all be covered in due course.

All good things must come to an end, but these songs prove that you can most definitely go out with a flourish.

15. Seven Seas Of Rhye… (Instrumental) - Queen

Seven Seas of Rhye was the band's first major hit and the song that helped propel their careers to the next level. This is... not that song.

Queen's first album, which was also just called Queen, ends with an instrumental version of the track everyone would come to know as Seven Seas of Rhye.

It runs a minute-and-a-half shorter than the full version and at a much slower pace. Sure, it shares the same melody and name with its more famous cousin, but it lacks all of the excitement and pomp that number brings to the table.

A pointless instrumental that serves as little more than an interesting footnote to a much better song, the wordless version of Seven Seas of Rhye is of little value to anyone but the most diehard of Queen completionists.


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