Fall Out Boy: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Which is their number one with a bullet?


Critics and haters of Fall Out Boy can say what they want about the band's ventures into more pop-oriented territory, but the one thing you can never criticize them for is being stuck in their old habits. Stagnation isn't a word in Fall Out Boy's vocabulary, and their evolution from pop-punk darlings to arena-filling rock stars proves that.

The most amazing part about Fall Out Boy's career trajectory is how smooth and obvious it looks in hindsight. Because even while certain genre loyalists questioned each move away from "the scene" that birthed them - moving to a major label, collaborating with Jay-Z, experimenting with funk and '80s-inspired arena rock, and diving headlong into pop music - it all feels like such a natural progression now.

And it doesn't hurt that they've always retained their tongue-in-cheek phrasings and knack for crafting lethal singles.

Patrick Stump has repeatedly mentioned his disdain for trying to meet other people's expectations and follow trends, and it's clear the rest of the band feels the same way, even if they don't always agree on which direction to steer the ship.

Some people will always prefer the more underground, Warped Tour playing version of Fall Out Boy, but the die-hard fans can sit back and appreciate their transformation into one of the most exciting mainstream bands of the new millennium.


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