Genesis: 10 Awesome 70's Track's You've Never Heard

So much more than drumming monkeys...

Genesis is perhaps the most beloved progressive rock band of all time. The band's debut release came in 1969 under the confusing title, "From Genesis to Revelation" prompting record store owners to file it in the religious/gospel music section, a problematic scenario at best. The album had a very strong Moody Blues vibe with relatively short tracks and nary a hint of what was to come in 1970's which fans consider to be the band's golden era. The 1981 release of "Abacab" saw them shifting away from their prog roots and mining Phil Collins' pop proclivities for a leaner, more radio friendly sound. While the stylistic shift gained the band millions of new fans around the world it did little for those of us who loved the earlier albums, particularly those with original vocalist Peter Gabriel who left in 1975 to be replaced by Collins. It with those sentiments that we present ten awesome '70's Genesis tracks that you've probably never heard.
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