Is Cheryl Cole's Untouchable UK Fame Fading?

Cheryl (minus the Cole) is back on the music scene and is seeing a million lights! But sadly, not her third consecutive number 1 album! Have the dizzy heights of X factor induced super stardom finally began to wear out for the Northern beauty? Out in here in Australia, Cheryl has failed to make much of an impact with any of her musicality, even with her Calvin Harris produced track €œCall My Name€. She does make into the tabloids with her high-end fashion high and lows, but in her native country I sense a general feeling that she has become too big for her designer boots. She looked HOT on her performance on The Voice UK; she even swan dove off the stage balcony in the arms of her eager dancers. Haters goin€™ hate, but this girl has some killer dance moves and her routine to "Call My Name" is no exception. She effortlessly owned the stage of the struggling show and put on an admirable performance. I just have to query how live her live singing actually was. I€™m inclined to think she followed in her girl crush Rhianna€™s footsteps and used a backing track with the occasional live vocal. But judging by her deep gasping breathes afterwards while being interviewed by Holly; I find it hard to believe she could€™ve held a note during the performance! I love Cheryl and there is no shame is miming, some of the biggest stars in the world can get away with it and laugh all the way to the bank. But Cheryl continually insists that insinuations of miming only serve to highlight how good her live vocal actually is. Sounds convincing. the nations sweetheart would never not sing live especially after years of judging live amateur performances. Right? Her appearance on Graham Norton came across as somewhat desperate and pandering to superstar Katy Perry. It was like she thought they were equals, when in reality Cheryl as a long way to go embody a brand like Miss Perry does. Performing at G.A.Y represented a backward move; down from the heyday of X factor live result show performances. A rocky 2010 both personally and professionally commenced the decline of the star and this new comeback is fueled not by general interest but more from her legion of €œsoldiers€ who continue to support the star. Admitting she is no Mariah Carey (its ok Cheryl we already knew as much) at least shows she isn€™t deluded. I really do admire Cheryl as much as the next person and you can€™t argue she hasn€™t got the X factor because she does. Number 1 albums and singles, part of one of the most revered girl bands in UK history and a style icon in her own right, she has certainly cemented herself a career. It concerns me though, that her celebrity friends have affected her own perception of herself. I feel she is struggling to find a musical identity €“ is it dance, RnB or duets? Who is she trying to be and who does she seek inspiration from? Does she want to crack the US or stay UK bound? AHH! So many questions. It's an identity crisis that may result in the undoing of the stars once untouchable fame. Cheryl reached the top so early in her solo career, 2012 may be the beginning of a slow decline for the angel of the north
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