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rating: 4

Katy Perry, the 28-year old international star has done it again. At the time of writing, Katy's new album Prism holds the top spot of the charts in 71 countries and it is sure to be an even bigger hit as it hasn't yet been released in every country. For months before the release of the album, Katy has told her fans that this album will be darker but does it live up to this and does it deserve the hype that has surrounded it for the last few weeks?

The answer is yes. Prism does everything Katy's previous albums have succeeded in doing and more as the album features a collection of poppy, upbeat tracks such as Roar, juxtaposed with emotional ballads. For pop lovers - Prism is not an album to be missed.

1. Roar

By now, anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past month will have heard Roar on every radio station, in every shop and on every T.V show. Roar, the lead single from the album can only be described as typical Katy Perry power pop, and that is certainly not a complaint. Without a doubt the song is full of cliches and the lyrics have been labelled as 'predictable' by many critics, however on the whole the track has been met with positive reviews and is definitely the best track to open the album with. However, the new single has not gone down without a bit of controversy as the second that the song was released, Katy was immediately accused of plagiarism of Sara Bareille's new song, Brave but the producer and co-writer of the song, Dr.Luke has since claimed that Roar was written and recorded previous to Brave and the arguments between Katy and Sara's fans appears to have died down. Rating: 4/5
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