Korn: EVERY Album Ranked Worst To Best

11. See You On The Other Side

Korn's seventh album, See You On the Other Side saw the band fully embrace their experimental, off-the-wall sound. Complete with synthesisers, a slightly lighter tone and a lot more funk, the Other Side is far from the band's most thoughtful or deep album, but remains one of their most fun.

With the funky groove of "Twisted Transistor" and the meaty "Coming Undone," the album was far removed from their previous work, but it's clear throughout the record that the guys were having a lot of fun making it.

See You on the Other Side's main problem comes from the lack of guitarist Head, whose unique guitar sound is definitely a much-needed part of the Korn formula. Also, there is a brief lull in the middle of the album with the more uninspired tracks "Getting Off" and "For No One." Despite the blips and the more groovy tone, though, the album is a mostly successful record with more than enough to love.

Best songs: Coming Undone, Twisted Transistor, Hypocrites

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