Led Zeppelin: 10 Best Songs

Feature Cover If the term 'Led Zeppelin' was in the dictionary (which it isn't, and will never be) the definition would read something like this: Noun - An innovative English rock group consisting of the four most talented musical geniuses of their generation (and at least two generations either side of them). I do hate to push my overbearing opinion on you so brutally, but Led Zeppelin are the greatest band to have walked the Earth. I say opinion, but it's more of a factual statement than an individual point of view - everyone dies, fish swim in water, and Led Zep are the best ever. Don't get me wrong, many have come close - Queen, The Beatles, Lady Gag ... Err, I mean, Pink Floyd, The Who - but in terms of consistent, boundary-pushing material, Messrs Bonham, Plant, Page and Jones set the benchmark higher then I'm yet to believe beatable. So because of their outstanding contribution to the medium of music, I decided to make their one as-of-yet unrealised dream a reality, and dedicate a whole 11-page WhatCulture article to them and their 10 most brilliant songs. Of course, this kind of selfless generosity comes at a price, and so if you're reading this Robert, Jimmy or John (and why would you not be?), I'll settle for a signed guitar as payment for carrying out the hugely necessary task of listing and explaining some of your fabulous creations (something which I'm eminently confident you've never had done for you before). If like me, you have beliefs which mean nothing unless they're voiced in the form of pixelated text, and said beliefs differ from the ones I express in the next few pages, I encourage you to post a comment at the bottom of the page - and watch me systematically dissect and destroy it with the cold, calculated precision that could only be achieved through the living of my heartless, cynical life.
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