Led Zeppelin: 10 Best Songs

10. Good Times Bad Times

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auYKJTv94Tg Zeppelin fans will know that Good Times Bad Times was the first song from their first, self-titled debut album. However, Yan Voller (a Dutch journalist at the Celebration Day press conference) decided to ask why the band chose to play that song at the beginning of their set at the 02 in 2007. Gee Yan, I wonder ... Why would they play their inaugural song for the opening or their reunion concert after 27 years? Fool. Sorry Yan, emotions are getting the better of me already - just wait until the last page, it'll be riddled with expletives and put-downs. But I digress; Good Times Bad Times was Led Zeppelin's introduction to the world, giving us an earful of Zeppelin crunch from the very first chord. Despite often being overlooked as one of the band's better songs, and rarely being played during live performances, it encompasses everything that they went on to represent for the next 11 years - from Bonham's unique drumming patterns, to Page's standout metal solos. Interestingly, John Paul Jones maintains that the riff he penned for the song was the most difficult he's ever written - and even more interestingly, Fearne Cotton has described Good Times Bad Times as her favourite ever song. Attractive and a good taste in music - who'd a thunk it? Now we know its place in the top 10 is well earned.
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