Led Zeppelin: Ranking Their Studio Albums From Worst To Best

7. In Through The Out Door (1979) The last Led Zeppelin record is somewhat hard to judge in a way in that it seems like a transition record much like Led Zeppelin III. However, while Led Zeppelin III's importance can be easily measure by the impact it had on later albums as Zeppelin opened up their horizons, In Through the Out Door would be known as the band's last album - rendering the idea of ascertaining its importance kind of futile. Led Zeppelin In Through The Out Door Alt While Presence saw Zeppelin retreat to a guitar focused heavy rock ouvre, In Through the Out Door sees John Paul Jones take over from Jimmy Page as chief songwriter and with that comes a much heavier reliance on keys and synths. In Through The Out Door is also a strangely funky album compared to Presence with songs like 'In The Evening', 'Caroselmbra' and 'South Bound Saurez' showing Jones' talent for groove. 'All My Love' was Robert Plant's song for his dead son Karac, which has been somewhat criticised as being a little too saccharine for Zeppelin, but overall In Through the Out Door was an album that could have opened up new horizons for the band.
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