Metallica: 10 Awesome Lyric Meanings You Totally Missed

The World According to Hetfield.

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Metallica have always been about the music first and foremost. Regardless of whatever James Hetfield is singing about, most of the band's work relies on blowing you away with their music rather than sitting down and telling you a story. I mean, one of the band's first big songs ("Whiplash") didn't have a deeper meaning other than headbanging.

On the other side of things, James Hetfield took a huge leap as the years went on to become one of the most underrated wordsmiths in the history of heavy metal. While there is occasionally a meaningless song or an instrumental on the records, there are just as many songs whose stories leave you absolutely gutted.

While people all know the stories behind tracks like "One" and "Enter Sandman," it's sometimes more interesting to look through the lowlights of the band's catalog to find the real introspective cuts. These songs may be centred around familiar topics like pain, war, and suffering, but the actual scenarios behind the tunes will leave you in shambles.

They may not be on the level as say, Bob Dylan, but these lyrics have the certain X-factor that can shake a metalhead to their very core. Have a listen and see the true pain lying within.

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