Metallica: 10 Awesome Songs NO ONE Talks About

Metallica's HIDDEN GEM TRACKS you've never heard. Devil's Dance, Don't Tread On Me...

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Metallica are one of the few metal acts that have been able to transcend their namesake genre.

Despite actually having their hard-edged brand of music stamped into their name, their delves into hard rock and straight up rock and roll have exposed new fans all over the world to the heavier sides of what this genre can do.

Even though there is a certain legendary status across the band's discography, there are some that shine a lot brighter than others.

For the casual Metallica fan, there is still a wealth of amazing material that goes beyond just Master of Puppets and Enter Sandman. As opposed to the typical hits you'd find on other Metallica records, there are songs across every album that deserve your time and attention.

Even on the more despised albums like Load, Reload, and St. Anger, there are still some shining lights that helped shape the thrash legends into what they are today.

For as long as they have been doing it, there's no one Metallica song that can really be described as generic, so these are just the opposite sides of what made the greatest metal band what they are today. Though these songs might not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as Enter Sandman, they definitely merit a second look after all this time.

10. Cure - Load

It's hard not to look at the Load/Reload era of Metallica as a bit of a mess. Despite having some great ideas coming up at this time, their explorations into alternative and hard rock music felt like an outright betrayal compared to their thrashy roots. Every so often though, you do get that one experimental song that actually works.

For all of its weird tracks, Cure may be the single weirdest that Metallica had ever released off of Load. Hearing James Hetfield take a spoken word approach to the verses is certainly strange, considering the only other time it happened was on the tail end of To Live is To Die.

On the other hand, the lyrics on this one are actually pretty solid, with the supposed cure being a placeholder for anything from consumerism to fame which tantalizes us all every day.

This is also the only known Metallica track to actually feature slap bass, with Jason Newsted showing his funkier side in the breakdown of this song. Considering they have funk metal legend Robert Trujillo in their ranks now, it's almost a crime that this was the only time any kind of slap actually turned up on any other Metallica track.

Though people may be anticipating a lot out of Metallica's next move, it wouldn't be that bad to see something like this come back for another go-around.

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