Metallica: 10 Awesome Songs NO ONE Talks About

9. The Unnamed Feeling - St. Anger

Look, there's no real reason to defend St. Anger anymore. Standing as the most fractured Metallica release, the discourse surrounding this album has become legendary at this point, from the relentless snare sound to some of the most ear-piercing songs ever to be featured on a metal release. For as abrasive as this album can be at the best of times, there is one moment where things slow down.

Being almost an extension of the Unforgiven, the Unnamed Feeling does tap into something that's a little more moody for Metallica. Though you could easily compare the slower sections of this song to the Load era, this feels like the sell-out years done correctly, as Hetfield's subdued vocals keep you on the edge of your seat. When he says "the unnamed feeling, it comes alive," it feels like something's about to explode at any moment.

Then again, the payoff does lead to some St. Anger tropes, like when James sounds like his voice is about to crack on the tougher sections of the song. On the other hand, this is actually a good way to look at the group at the time, as they take the remnants of their broken selves and start to piece them back together, oftentimes with harsh results.

Given that Metallica were making music that was a reflection of their state of mind at the time, this gets the job done much better than Some Kind of Monster of Purify ever could.

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