Metallica: 10 Hardest James Hetfield Riffs You Can't Play

Go on, TRY and play Master of Puppets the right way.

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James Hetfield is known as one of the most gifted rhythm guitarists in the history of hard rock music. His style of downpicking mixed with fast bursts of notes has kept Metallica going strong for almost 40 years. Regardless of when Metallica releases new music, you could expect Hetfield to be the driving force behind the riffs.

The relentless energy that comes from these tunes have led many metalheads to pick up guitars of their own and try to master the songs of their heroes. It's always nice to see the music bug trickle down through various generations, but keep one thing in mind: Hetfield's riffs are some of the hardest riffs in the entire metal canon.

Sure, these riffs might not seem all that tough if given the tablature, but reading the music and then playing it up to speed are two very different beasts. There have been plenty of simple riffs like "Enter Sandman" that can be learned fairly quickly, but the more thrashy tunes will leave any guitarist clamoring to apply ice to their swollen hands.

These riffs may be a ton of fun to play, but one must always be mindful when treading the downpicking minefield that is Metallica's rhythm guitar parts.

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