Metallica: Master Of Puppets Songs Ranked

Obey Your Master!!!


Master of Puppets stands as one of the greatest albums that has ever come from the grand halls of heavy metal. In just 8 tracks, Metallica were able to craft a brilliant sonic opus about the darkness of humanity undercut by menacing power chords and shredding solos. The lyric sheet of the record tackles pertinent topics from war to addiction to the mentally insane.

Even without the stirring lyrical themes, the music is fantastic, with James Hetfield's greatest riffs, Kirk Hammett's most lyrical guitar solos, Cliff Burton's monstrous low ending, and some of the most impressive drum performances from Lars Ulrich. After this record, every metal band was expected to be faster, meaner, and darker than the ones before them.

Each track on this album could be considered an outright classic, but there is definitely a pecking order of how important each track is. This album is best when taken in as a whole, but each individual track seems to offer some element of magic throughout its runtime. So as we journey through Master of Puppets, let's unpack just how much concentrated kick-ass Metallica delivered to us on just one disc.

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