Muse: 10 Essential Tracks ALL Fans Should Listen To

20 years and still going - where should you start?

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It's been a healthy 21 years since Muse burst onto the scene with their debut album, Showbiz, and almost 26 years since Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard first came together to win a local battle of the bands competition as then-titled, Rocket Baby Dolls.

Since that time the Devon rock trio have released countless singles across 8 albums, been influenced by space rock and dubstep, had a hit single thanks to Guitar Hero and played sold out shows across the world.

Their songs have dealt with wide-ranging and complex themes, from the simple meaning of love to fear over the evolution of technology. Even the apocalypse itself.

All the while, there's been hard hitting lyrics, thumping beats and rally cries that have led the band into superstardom.

To narrow down their alternative rock history to a list of only the essentials is a task in and of itself. With so many timely and well written songs to choose from, what's here specifically calls out to the band's ultimate appeal:

That perfect blend of rock and electronica, which truly encapsulates the meaning of Muse.

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