Muse: 10 Essential Tracks ALL Fans Should Listen To

10. Plug In Baby

Plug In Baby led Muse's second album, Origin of Symmetry back in 2001. At the time it was the band's biggest hit on the UK charts, peaking just outside the top 10, though they've obviously gone from strength to strength ever since.

The track is most notable for its opening guitar riff, but what's more interesting is the meaning behind the song and its lyrics of a plug in baby, crucifying enemies. Well, almost, since the band have revealed multiple different explanations for the song across different interviews over the years.

From supposedly being inspired by living above a sex shop in Exeter to the fear of humans losing their individuality, there's no one true definition except for the fact that it's a clear cut banger of a track.

Side note: One of the B-Sides to the song (a track called Execution Commentary) is considered by Bellamy to be one of his worst written songs ever, and the track along with the album itself wasn't released until four years later in the US. It followed disagreements between Muse and musical label Maverick over Bellamy's falsetto that ends the track.

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