Oasis: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

Mad fer it.


It has now been a full decade that we have spent without Oasis.

After a disastrous 2009 gig, Noel Gallagher finally called it quits for what is arguably one of the most successful bands to come out of the U.K. Led by the Gallaghers, this band from Manchester ruled the 90s with one great album after the next, along with feuding with rival band Blur and the Gallagher brothers themselves.

Now both the Gallaghers have moved onto their respective solo efforts. But in retrospect, how does their entire body of work hold up? From their glory years in the 90s to the underrated gems of their later output, Oasis have a pretty good track record of making quality songs regardless of their on- and off- stage brawling.

Today, we will be going through all of Oasis' studio albums and one compilation record and see how each of them stack up to one another. These albums are further reminders that although Oasis may be gone, their music will certainly live forever.


8. Heathen Chemistry (2002)

Oasis were not in the best of positions at the turn of the century. After making their grand comeback in 2000 with new members and a new live album, the group seemed a tad bit uninspired about where to go next.

This led to Noel Gallagher taking a step back and letting other band members write some songs. This goes over pretty well with Liam Gallagher's "Songbird" being a serene departure and Noel's own "Little by Little"

However, the album kind of tapers off after you hear the singles. Band members Andy Bell and Gem Archer seem like they haven't fully settled into the Oasis model. But the standouts "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" and the rocker "The Hindu Times" stand tall as the group's greatest single cuts. But other than that, this record just feels like the band on autopilot. They would fare much better on their next release.

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