Oasis: Ranking Every Album From Worst To Best

7. Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants (2000)

After trudging through the tour cycle for Be Here Now, Oasis found themselves without rhythm guitarist Bonehead and bassist Guigsy. How were they supposed to recover from hitting such great peaks in the 90s?

The Gallaghers used this time away to regroup and work up another great record. Standing on the Shoulder of Giants is one of the group's most experimental records, with "Gas Panic!" being the most maniacal sounding song they've ever recorded. Other gems come through on the Indian-inspired "Who Feels Love?" and the lead single "Go Let It Out," which Noel accurately described as the closest the band had gotten to sounding like the Beatles. The album also created the intro ambient track "Fuckin in the Bushes," which would be used to intro their live shows for the rest of their career. Liam Gallagher's first writing credit turns up midway through on the song "Little James."

But the old Oasis isn't gone by any stretch. The most emotionally gripping songs on this album are two cuts led by Noel, "Sunday Morning Call" and "Where Did it All Go Wrong?" and Liam tugs at your heart strings on the album closer "Roll It Over."

This album does fall towards the bottom of the totem pole, but it is still a great record that is well worth digging up if you consider yourself a big fan of Oasis.

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