Paramore: Every Album Ranked Worst To Best

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The Farro brothers, Josh and Zac, formed Paramore in 2004 along with the band’s frontwoman Hayley Williams. The band have gone through multiple line-up changes throughout their sixteen-year existence, but currently consist of founding members Zac Farro and Williams, as well as fellow high school friend Taylor York, who joined the band in 2007.

Paramore found success early on in their careers after the release of their debut album ‘All We Know Is Falling’ and have gone on to release a total of five albums.

The band is currently on hiatus while Hayley Williams focuses on her solo career. Her debut solo album, ‘Petals For Armor’, was released earlier this month to largely favourable reviews. Fellow Paramore band members have been supportive of Williams’ new endeavour with York producing the album and Zac directing some of her music videos.

Williams recently told NME that Paramore will return with more albums in the future and said that the band’s next release could see them return to more of a pop-punk sound.

Paramore continue to evolve as artists and are not afraid to experiment with different music genres, something that has given each of their five albums their own unique sound. But which album ranks as Paramore’s best release to date?

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