Ranking The '27 Club' Based On Musical Talent

The legendary '27 Club' has members ranging from Janis Joplin to Kurt Cobain, but who was the best?

It is bizarre to think that enough talented musicians have died at the tender age of 27 to warrant an entire 'club', or even enable a list of this nature, but oddly they have. In 2011 the world was shaken by the passing of Amy Winehouse, which in turn reignited a media and social obsession with the tragic, ever increasing death toll of 27 year-old musical icons. There are only two things connecting each member; age and profession. Yet, we have become so fascinated with the tenuous link, that the '27 club' was born. This list features music legends of all genres, with intriguing and often even compelling back stories. If you disregard music for a short moment, it is incredibly interesting to take ten different human beings, all of which died at an untimely age and simple compare their cases. Some of the deaths have a common theme, while others are completely unique; some even believe that a particular entry's cause of death is due to a debt owed to the devil after previously exchanging their soul for talent, those same people would most likely still leave a tooth under their pillow hoping to wake up to a cash prize. There have been a whole host of books, plays and films based on the 27 club. The recurring pattern of premature musical tragedies even resulted in studies being carried out to determine if the risk of death is higher for a twenty seven year-old musician than a person of the same age in an alternative line of work. The ranking system throughout the list is based on a variety of factors: mainstream success, musical originality, influence on the industry and the impact had on the public. Let's begin:

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