Sisters Doing It For Themselves: Kylie Minogue vs Dannii Minogue

Dannii's Music

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Something that has always fascinated me about Dannii's career, is that she continually referred to as a singer. Even though her last release was in 2007, "singer" is still permanently attached to her name. Over the years, she has had a few hits...but many flops. While her 1990 and 2003 albums both scored a top 10 position on the UK chart, her 1993 and 1997 albums were commercial disasters, not even making it into the top 40. Neon Nights, her 2003 release is a delicious combination of dance tracks with one particular song dedicated to Dannii's vibrator. No joke. "Begin To Wonder" was Dannii's most successful single in the UK, being held off number 1 by Christina's Aguliera's "Beautiful" to even get a number 2 in that tough week of competition is rather impressive. You will never see a highly successful and nostalgic "Greatest Hits Tour" though, because there just aren't that many good Dannii songs. One bizarre song was called "Everything Changes Under Water" which was either ahead of its time or just plain weird. I can't decide. Listen to it below. For Kylie on the other hand, she managed to fill 2 CD's with constant smashes way back in 2004. Sorry Dann, but you know who has the better tunes.

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