Slipknot Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

The Best of The 9's Unholy Catalog.

Nuclear Blast

Slipknot has developed a reputation as one of the most hard-edged bands in the world of metal. As opposed to the other nu metal schlock that was tainting the rock charts, these masked freaks tore the entire rock landscape apart with their brutal-as-hell beats and harsh lyrical structure. However, when you break all of their catalog down, there is a certain pecking order to how things work out.

While the 9 have remained consistent throughout their tenure, there always tend to be some records that leave you more underwhelmed than others. Rather than being another slam into the pit, some of these albums just have a few great moments out of the gate before collapsing in on itself. Even though some disappoint, that only highlights how good the records surrounding them are, with riffs that feel like they're being pulled from the underworld to grace your eardrums every time you throw on their tunes.

Considering that these guys really take their time between releases, you can always expect a certain amount of effort being put in by every member, so let's see how the actual experiences hold up. As we travel through the history of these guys, make sure to come in prepared. Wouldn't want you to catch any shrapnel.

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