The Beatles: 10 Perfect Solo Albums

9. Ringo - Ringo Starr

Of all the Beatles' solo careers, Ringo really seems to get the raw end of the deal. Even though he might not have been the best songwriter in the group, the man could hold down a groove like no one else, and the next few years saw him having some of the first success stories, like George Harrison helping him write his first hit It Don't Come Easy. Ringo was always the peacekeeper, so it would make sense that his best album almost brought the Fab Four back together again.

As if the Sgt. Pepper homage on the album cover wasn't enough, this is the kind of album that almost feels like Ringo's love letter to his old mates, along with some of his most famous hits like Photograph. Before the All Starr Band were in tow though, the songs on here have links to the Beatles besides the drummer, with both John Lennon and George Harrison working on the opening track I'm the Greatest and Paul McCartney contributing a song and playing kazoo on You're Sixteen.

While not all the Beatles were on the best of terms at this point, this is one of the few times where we got a glimpse into what a '70s album from them could have been. The business deals weren't letting up any time soon, but the chance of them actually getting along wasn't impossible either.

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