The Beatles: 14 Most Under-Appreciated Songs

13. Don't Bother Me (With The Beatles)

It's time for an underrated track from the most underrated Beatle, George Harrison. The youngest of the Fab Four made his songwriting debut with a bang with Don't Bother Me, the darker tone and E-minor key of which would become something of a trademark for Harrison.

It's also worth noting that almost half of this album's tracks are covers, with Harrison's rendition of Roll Over Beethoven being the standout, and original hits like All My Loving and I Wanna Be Your Man leading the way.

Don't Bother Me, with all due respect to those two, is better. It's unlike any original Beatles song before it in that it's darker and sadder in its subject matter and relies on the minor key. It was just the beginning of Harrison's long and storied career as a musician.

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