The Doors Top 10 Tracks Of All Time

6. Break On Through (To The Other Side) On The Record Whereas The Rolling Stones and The Beatles politely made the world aware of their presence by way of €˜Come On€™ and €˜Love Me Do€™, respectively, The Doors had this hedonistic anthem as their calling card. Released in the summer of 1966, the track didn't initially set the world alight (it peaked at 126 in the US chart) but has since gone on to become one of the band€™s signature hits. Originally censored before release due to Morrison€™s drug referencing line of €˜she gets high€™, the song has been remastered in recent years where this controversial line can now be heard in all of its snarling glory. Hard-edged and pacey, 'Break On Through (To The Other Side) makes a bold statement of intent that not many groups can claim to have achieved with their first single. Waxing Lyrical €œThe gate is straight, deep and wide, break on through to the other side€ The band€™s singular vision to push all boundaries is laid out plainly in a lyrical display that takes a bold run at the senses.
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