The Doors Top 10 Tracks Of All Time

5. Roadhouse Blues On The Record Legend has it that this thumping live favourite from Morrison Hotel was inspired by none other than a young Alice Cooper during his time spent as Morrison€™s drinking buddy in the late sixties. As recounted by Cooper himself, the story goes that on one particularly hazy morning he found himself flopped out with Morrison on a couch, and when prompted by Morrison with the question of how his day was panning out, he uttered the immortal line (below), thus planting the seeds of Roadhouse Blues. Mind you, Cooper can€™t take credit for the song€™s bluesy harmonica €“ courtesy of Lovin€™ Spoonful€™s John Sebastian €“ killer playing from Manzarek, guest bass work from guitar pioneer Lonnie Mack and Morrison€™s inspired bridge (€˜You gotta beep a gunk a chucha€™), which even Captain Beefheart had trouble bettering for some of the most bonkers rock and roll lyrics to ever be chanted on a record. A true whisky anthem. Waxing Lyrical €œWell, I woke up this morning, and I got myself a beer/ the future's uncertain, and the end is always near.€ It may not be poetry, but this is The Doors at their rocking best.
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