The Ultimate Slipknot Quiz

Listen up, maggots: test your knowledge of metal's most outrageous band...

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With a new album set for release in 2019 and a major tour to follow, the time of Slipknot is coming once more. The band who made performing in masks and beating each other up on stage an art form have been through several hiatuses, tragedy and loss of direction over the years, but they've never lost their blistering edge.

The forthcoming release will be their sixth studio album (on top of a compilation, video releases and their first, retrospectively crowned demo album) and promises to return Slipknot to the heavy-hitting days of Iowa, with the refinement learned since changing their sound for the better. if you're a fan, you're already planning your purchase and your tour tickets.

But as a fan, how much do you really know about the heavy metal legends? Prove it. Answers at the end!

1. What Year Were The Band Founded In?

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