Top 10 Anti-Valentine's Day Love Songs

Some songs are best steered clear of, when dedicating them to your significant other this Valentine's Day.

As the local card shops and gift stores remind us, Valentine's Day is swiftly approaching - a time to celebrate everything that's romantic and full of joy in your life with that special someone. It's also the time of year in which singletons mingle with their single friends wondering whether sparks will fly €“ or just whether quite serious one night mistakes will be made? Valentine's Day is that time of the year that men stand awkwardly around the lingerie department wondering whether a red two piece is really the best expression of undying love, while women always make the statement "it's OK, you don't have to get me anything" and you know full well the very last thing you should ever do is fail to get her a Valentine's gift. If you're fortunate enough (or perhaps unfortunate in some cases) to be snuggling up with a loved one this year, why not go that extra mile and burn them a romantic compilation CD or create the ultimate playlist for your lover's digital consumption? It doesn't take much and they do say its the little things that count. A warning, though, not to ruin that intimate moment as we count down our list of top ten anti-Valentine love songs...

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