Weezer: 10 Worst Songs You Need To Forget

They don't care what we say about them anyway.


Weezer are a band known for their crunchy sound, power pop hooks and geeky subject matter. Sometimes if one or more of these factors is absent in a track if often nothing more than forgettable.

The Californian band led by Rivers Cuomo have produced 13 albums since 1994, and are currently experiencing a revival in popularity following a series of viral cover song hits.

Weezer’s 1990s releases before the exit of original member Matt Sharp are often viewed as perfect albums. The Blue Album released in 1994 was an honest debut about nerd culture produced by the late Ric Ocasek. It was followed by Pinkerton in 1996, a self-deprecating, self-produced epic about Cuomo's post-fame anxiety.

Both albums are all killer, no filler.

Weezer have been more prolific with their album releases in recent years, but with great quantity comes a reduction in quality. As the band prepares to release their 2020 album Van Weezer, let’s take a look back in their discography and remind ourselves of their most forgettable tunes.

These are a handful of tracks Weezer certainly won’t be playing on the Hella Mega Tour next summer.

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