Weezer: 10 Worst Songs You Need To Forget

10. The Prince Who Wanted Everything

The Black Album was built up in press interviews to be Weezer’s "darkest album yet", but knowing their trolling nature in hindsight they were probably just referring to the cover art. After a few misleading singles including their first songs with swear words, and the brilliant High As A Kite, the album was anything but bleak.

Meant as a heartfelt tribute to the late legend Prince who died in 2016, a death tribute to a beloved musician wasn't the dark themes fans were expecting. Starting off a track on the Black album with “Once upon a time there was a Prince” and sunny instrumentation really is quite jarring.

The tracks around this song cover themes of paranoia and references to cocaine addiction, and make a much more interesting listen than to a tribute to Prince that doesn’t even sound like Prince. It is no wonder this track has the least streams on their latest effort the Black Album.

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