10 Awesome Playgrounds That Will Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

9. Ghost Train Park - Lima, Peru

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The Ghost Train Park in Lima is a tremendous example of repurposing and recycling to benefit the community. Lima had planned to build an electric train that ran through the city, but in 1986 the project was abandoned, along with the construction. What remained were concrete pillars meant to be the supports for elevated railways and a few sections of empty rail lines. 

For nearly 25 years, these forgotten supports stood as an ugly reminder of a failed project until February 2010, when Basurama intervened.

The Spanish artist collective decided to reclaim the area and turn it into a park. The group installed games, a canopy line, swings and climbing structures made from recycled materials, like tires. The entire park was painted with neon colours and is free for the public. Spaces like this encourage reuse and physically show that play areas don’t have to cost the GDP of a small African nation, like Neverland Ranch did. 

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