10 Botched Crimes That Went Hilariously Wrong

9. The Great Rothesay Bank Robbery Of 1975

Rothesay Bank Robbery Robbing a bank isn't quite as easy as it might look in the movies. That said, the three men involved in the attempted Rothesay bank robbery of 1975 probably handled the situation in the absolute worst way possible. Upon first entering the bank, the unarmed trio managed to get stuck in the revolving doors after trying to push them the wrong way. At this point, it wasn't clear that they were robbers, and the bank's staff kindly helped them out of the predicament. Shortly afterwards though, they returned and demanded five thousand pounds. Unfortunately for the robbers, they caught the staff at a bad time, who were still laughing among themselves about the revolving door incident. They thought that the robbers were just playing a practical joke, and didn't take the demands seriously. Puzzlingly, the 'gang' leader lowered the demand to five hundred pounds, which was met with further laughter. To show he was serious, the leader jumped over the counter, fell, and twisted his ankle. In a panic, the others ran out of the revolving doors... only to get stuck again in the exact same way.
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