10 Countries That Don't Have McDonald's

9. Bolivia

Bolivians seem to not trust any food that is prepared so industrially and so quickly, they value traditional, natural food. Having said that, a national favourite is salchipapa- chips topped with slices of hot dog and slathered in ketchup and mayonnaise... Anyway, after 14 years in operation McDonald's was forced to close down, with president Evo Morales condemning the fast food restaurants as nothing more than health risks. "They are not interested in the health of human beings, only in their earnings and corporate profits," he reportedly said.

8. Montenegro

Dollar Drink Days Cool Concept More unexpected is the Balkan nation of Montenegro. In 2003 McDonalds parked a temporary cart in the middle of the capital Pogdorico to test the waters. Unsurprisingly the mobile restaurant did great business with the curious Montenegrins but before long it dawned on the wider public how expensive and tasteless it was compared to their home-grown produce. The Government then dealt the franchise another blow when it handed over a firm 'leave' notice, their way of announcing Montenegro's opposition to globalisation. In the summer of 2006, McDonald's once again had its mobile restaurant in Montenegro, this time on the coast in Budva for two months but still they struggled to penetrate a nation renowned for its high-quality barbeques of delicious meat.

7. Bermuda

Burgers Bermuda Fast food franchises are, simply put, illegal in Bermuda. The Prohibited Restaurants Act 1977 banned foreign restaurants on the island. There used to be a McDonald's at the US air base, with locals allowed in a few times a week specifically to use it. On one day in September 1991, more than 6,000 went there to eat, equalling 10% of the entire country's population. But when the US base closed in 1995, the happy meals went with it. Luckily for KFC, they opened up a restaurant in Hamilton town before the legislation came into effect and thus are the only US food outlet anywhere on Bermuda.

6. Jamaica

Wt2jamaica The jerk chicken-lovers paradise. Jamaican food is usually dripping in pepper, garlic and ginger and McDonald's just doesn't quite pack the same punch. KFC is huge, Burger King satisfies all occasional cravings for meat in a bun and so there really isn't a place for McDonald's in the culinary scene. Simple as. Levi Roots didn't make his break with a big mac burger sauce...
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