10 Craft Beers That Will Activate Your Gag Reflex

9. Brouwerij Smisje Wostyntje (Mustard Bier)

Gag-Inducing Ingredients: Mustard Do you like mustard? Like...a lot? Do you refuse to eat a hot dog or hamburger unless it's covered in the yellow condiment? Maybe you really like mustard pretzels and mustard-flavored potato chips and eat mustard seeds by the handful. But even if the only t-shirt you ever wear is a bright yellow number that reads "Ask Me About My Mustard Collection!" it seems unreasonable to believe you would shell out actual money for a beer that was intentionally designed to taste like mustard. When taking your first sip of a beer, the word "zip" shouldn't spring to mind. That's reserved for mayonnaise. Reviews of Wostyntje on Beer Advocate suggest a very dry and spicy experience, which are more words that don't seem like a fitting way to describe beer.
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