10 Craziest Stories Told On Marc Maron's WTF Podcast

9. Fiona Apple Quit Drinking Because She Disturbed A Hummingbird Nest

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Fiona Apple has long been known as a reclusive and enigmatic artist due to her reluctance to do interviews and her tendencies to go through long periods of radio silence without making any public appearances.

She gave a rare long form interview when she guested on WTF in 2012 to promote her album "The Idler Wheel..." She already knew Maron from her strong ties to the comedy community due to her regular performances in the legendary comedy club Largo.

In the episode, Apple does not hesitate to delve into her personal life, her psyche and her career. Among many other strange and characteristically off-kilter stories she tells on the show, one stood out as truly odd.

She recounts how she discovered a hummingbird's nest in her garden and, in the process of attempting to capture the activity of the birds on video, disturbed the nest and caused the hummingbirds to abandon it. Having been drinking before the incident, she spoke about how the guilt she felt following it convinced her to quit drinking alcohol.

While it may not be the most scandalous story ever told on the podcast, it still stands out as one of the craziest, just because of its quirkiness.

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