10 Craziest Stories Told On Marc Maron's WTF Podcast

8. Patrice O'Neal's Statutory Rape Conviction

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Patrice O'Neal's 2010 episode of WTF has often been listed by fans and critics as one of the best in the show's history. O'Neal, who was renowned for his uniquely conversational stand-up comedy style, gave one of the most uncompromising and truly honest interviews that have ever been conducted on Maron's podcast.

Patrice, who died of a stroke related to his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis in 2011, openly discussed his troubled past with Marc. His stand-up material was criticised by many for being misogynistic in nature, which he acknowledged in the interview.

He also talked about being convicted of statutory rape when he was a teenager and subsequently serving a sentence in a Massachusetts prison. Maron does an excellent job of allowing O'Neal to speak freely and candidly about his past and his attitude towards women.

The conversation between the two was frank, troubling and unusually direct, which gave the episode an unvarnished and unyielding feel.

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