10 Horror Podcasts Everyone Needs To Listen To

9. Lore

The Left Right Game Podcast

Self-described as "a podcast about the frightening history behind common folklore", Lore is one of the most popular podcasts of any genre, scooping up awards and acclaim, year after year, due to its enduring appeal of inspecting and presenting the darker side of history.

Every episode usually covers two or three well-researched incidents in history that have a religious, mystical, or unexplained mystery attached to them. Often delving into diaries and witness accounts, Lore has a uniquely personal way of drawing its audience into eerie tales of human nature, and secrets.

Lore was created by Aaron Mahnke, who also serves as researcher and narrator. Mahnke creates a dark fairytale-like atmosphere through his narration, telling every story with warmth and conviction. The podcast even spawned a two-season run on Amazon Prime, also developed by Mahnke.

With over 150 episodes to its name, Lore has plenty of hours worth of dark entertainment to pick from.

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