10 Horror Podcasts Everyone Needs To Listen To

8. Borrasca

The Left Right Game Podcast

First posted to the nosleep subreddit in 2015, Borrasca has since become one of the most talked about and highly regarded horror stories on, and beyond, the subreddit.

Borrasca's writer, Rebecca Klingel (previously credited as CK Walker), has since penned episodes for The Haunting of Hill House, and The Haunting of Bly Manor. Borrasca is more than a throwaway creepypasta posted on the internet, it has real talent behind the writing. Something that QCode, and producer and star, Cole Sprouse, capitalised on, bringing Klingel back to adapt the story for audio.

Qcode are known for their fantastic audio quality, stellar stories, and star-studded casting - and Borrasca is no exception. This particular pod stars Cole Sprouse as Sam Walker, relaying the disturbing story of his time as a teenager in the small town of Drisking, Missouri, to Leah Dixon (Lisa Edelstein).

Strange disappearances, and the mysterious “Borrasca” noise lead the narrative, but it’s the strength of the characters that makes Borrasca as popular as it is. Sam, Kyle, and Kimber will become your best friends for nine episodes, and by the end you will be thoroughly creeped out by the story’s conclusion.

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