10 Horror Podcasts Everyone Needs To Listen To

7. Pseudopod

The Left Right Game Podcast

Pseudopod has a different fictional horror story to tell each week, featuring every genre of horror you can imagine, and many more you can't.

For nearly 15 years, Pseudopod has been creating quality audio versions of user submitted short stories, and converting some classics, creating an epic horror anthology that can be perused in search of whatever dark story takes your fancy.

With over 600 episodes, and more releasing every week, it's certain you will find something to scratch whatever particular ghoulish itch you have. And if you find the episode count daunting at first, Pseudopod has provided new listeners with a list of selected stories that “show the strength and diversity of our offerings".

Each narrator is carefully picked to suit each tale, giving every episode a fresh sound to go with its new material. Alasdair Stuart serves as Pseudopod’s Rod Serling, offering an introduction at the start of every story, and a welcome interpretation of the themes presented at the end.

Pseudopod offers familiar horror archetypes and oddities, and then uses them as a mirror to reflect the darker aspects of humanity, creating a new melancholic horror experience every week.

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