10 Most Important Events In History Caught On Film

Occasionally, a video camera captures a historic event, but these 10 are the most important.

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Film has been around since 1888, and between then and now, some extraordinarily important events in human history have transpired. There will never be a video of Caesar crossing the Rubicon, or of Joan of Arc leading her troops, but thanks to the technical innovations of the late 19th century, we've been able to capture almost every major moment on camera since.

As film technology advanced to include sound and color, more and more important events were documented for posterity so that other generations could learn from the mistakes of the past. Likewise, as we have advanced as a society, it has become more and more important to document the actions of important people and events, but not every event has been noteworthy.

Over the past 130+ years, countless brave men and women have snared combat footage, some of which has made this list, while other events were captured on film by accident. Occasionally, a camera lens has been pointed at the right place and time to document something of such great importance - meaning it can never be forgotten.

It wasn't possible to say one of these ten events occurring over the past century and a bit was more important than another - so they're presented chronologically.

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